In Photos: ‘Writers of the World’ Exhibition in the Metro Stations of Algiers


The International Festival of Literature and Young People’s Literature (FELIV) opened in Algiers on June 11 and is set to close tomorrow.

By Nadia Ghanem

Publishers, authors and the public are meeting to browse, discuss and debate literature produced around the world, its place, and its future.  Many authors were invited and many are to be found chatting around the esplanade of Riadh El Feth, signing copies for readers, and posing with them for photos. Books presented by publishing houses are in French and Arabic. Debates are held in French.

As part of the Festival, photographer Francesco Gattoni put together an exhibition of his photographs of “Authors Around the World.” Fifty writers’ portraits are to be found in three stations of Algiers’ metro: Tafourah, Les Jardins d’Essai, and Les Fusilés. Next to each portrait, a presentation of the author and a text in French and Arabic speaks of the author…

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