Beloved Egyptian Novelist Radwa Ashour, 1946-2014


Beloved, acclaimed Egyptian novelist Radwa Ashour has died, leaving behind a great hole:

radwa_photo4Ashour has struggled with cancer for several years, a struggle that has been beautifully chronicled in her writing, particularly her recent Heavier than Radwa. Three days ago, novelist Ahdaf Souief tweeted: “Radwa Ashour: Get well quick. We need you.”

As news of Ashour’s passing spread, many expressed gratitude and loss on social media. Novelist Miral al-Tahawy wrote: “Radwa Ashour…you taught us to love writing…. Good-bye!”

Journalist Amira Howeidy wrote that: “Novelist, literature professor, intellectual, critic and most beautiful, gentle soul Radwa Ashour has died.”

Souief wrote: “Peace my beloved friend. Radwa Ashour. Silence now.”

Ashour left behind her husband, the great Palestinian poet and memoirist Mourid Barghouti, and her son, the poet and political scientist Tamim Barghouti.

radwa_ashour A tweet from July 2012.

It was only a few months ago — March of this year — that Ashour was…

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