Snapshots from a Life: Egyptian Novelist Radwa Ashour, 1946-2014

RIP Radwa Ashour.


Photos and quotes from Egyptian novelist Radwa Ashour (1946-2014):

Ashour and Barghouti, via Mansoura Ezz Eldin Ashour and her husband Mourid Barghouti, via Mansoura Ezz Eldin

On her husband, Palestinian poet and memoirist Mourid Barghouti, from Spectres, trans. Barbara Romaine: “Seven years after his deportation, Mourid would be able to return to our house in Cairo, not to live with us, but for short visits, determined each by a prior permit granted by the authorities in charge of security. Upon his arrival at Cairo Airport, an airport official would stamp his passport and make a note upon it saying, ‘One week, non-renewable,’ or, ‘Two weeks only.’ We would meet him at the airport. See him off at the airport. Wait until we could go to him during our summer holiday, or petition once again in the hope that he might be permitted to visit us again. This situation lasted another ten years.”

At center. In Budapest in 1980, from Mohamed Medhat Mostafa. At…

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