Cairo Bookstore Aims to Be a Place ‘Where a Book Can Feel Safe’

Arabic Literature (in English)

Bookstore owner and publisher Karam Youssef is at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair for the first time in 2015, and was scheduled to give a talk on “Sharing Experiences: Running a Bookstore.” Here, she shares some of the insights she prepared for her talk in a piece that — in part — ran in the ADIBF’s Show Daily magazine:

Photo from the Kotob Khan website. Photo from the Kotob Khan Facebook page.

Karam Youssef started out as a mass-media major at Cairo University, after which she worked for fifteen years with AT&T and Hewlett Packard. But all this time, she said, it was her dream to work with books. In a talk she prepared for the fair’s professional program, she discussed how running a bookstore is not just about selling books, but about building community.

Youssef first opened the first branch of her bookstore, Kotob Khan, a neighborhood in southern Cairo.

“It was my wish…

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